Can I become an XS PAID Policy Holder, no matter who my insurance policy is with?

Yes, Your XS PAID Insurance Policy is independent to your vehicle insurance company

Do you pay all of my excess for me?

XS PAID policy will pay the bodyshop the full amount covered on your XS PAID Insurance Policy

What does it cost me?

Use Quick Quote to calculate the amount of cover you require for your full XS Policy protection

How do I buy my Excess Insurance Policy?

Just click Quick Quote, select the amount you wish to cover and purchase using our secure payment page »

What is an insurance excess?

Excess is the amount you agree contribute towards vehicle repairs if you make a claim against your insurance policy. Your voluntary excess is in addition to any compulsory excess carried by standard car insurance policies issued by your insurer. Your total excess contribution is a combination of your voluntary and compulsory excess.

Do you pay my excess if the other party was uninsured?

Yes, we pay your excess if the other party was uninsured it is your policy for your claim.

Can you pay my excess for vandalism claims?

Yes, we pay your excess on vandalism claims.

Do you pay all of my excess?

Yes, we pay all of the excess covered on your purchased XS PAID Policy. If you change your vehicle or your insurance excess changes you must contact us to adjust the policy document.

Do you pay my excess in the event of my vehicle being written off or stolen and not recovered?

Yes we pay out in both of those circumstances, providing a claim has been made to your insurer and the relevant paperwork provided.

How will I know how much the repair costs are and how much the excess will be?

XS PAID approved repairers will assess the damage and submit the estimate to your insurance company for repairs to be approved. Your insurer will confirm the level of the excess. XS PAID will pay the amount on your XS PAID Policy.

Do you collect and deliver my vehicle?

Yes, Our approved repairer will collect and deliver the vehicle.

Do you provide a 24 hours service for un-driveable vehicles?

Yes, XS PAID UK call centre operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can arrange recovery if required.